It was under rain sodden skies that Team Tylers & Bricklayers and their supporters made their way to Guildhall Yard for the Annual Inter Livery Pancake Races on Shrove Tuesday, 13th February 2018.

Because of the weather conditions the “Rules” were changed so that running was taken out of the equation and competitors were required only to toss their pancakes.  The winners were those who could cleanly toss their pancakes the highest number of times within a time limit.

Before long it was very apparent that a multitude of methods were being adopted.  The Master, Jeff Fuller, led the way with a shoulder high double handed toss.  Freeman James Parris adopted more of a knees bent backward step motion; Freeman Clare Banks sporting some delightful earmuffs followed the Master’s lead, and Liveryman James Hockley a low handed toss.


Sadly, Team Tylers and Bricklayers were not to win any prizes this year, but in true Olympic fashion it was the taking part that mattered.  This year, all sponsorship monies raised were going to our Charity of the Year, The Clink Charity.

Deputy Master Tom Rider was heard to say that the pancakes were well and truly battered this year, but the pigeons in Guildhall Yard were not complaining as the races came to an end.

After the last race the Team and their supporters headed down to the Crypt for some very welcome mugs of hot soup followed by a buffet lunch.