Lunching with the Environmental Cleaners

From time to time the Clerk receives an invitation for the Master for a special reason.  Such an invitation was received from Master Environmental Cleaner, Maureen Marden, to her fellow Lady Master Tyler and Bricklayer to attend their Court Luncheon in the beautiful Armourers’ Hall on Tuesday 5 February.

When you arrive at a Livery function as a Company guest someone is delegated to meet and greet you. On this occasion the first question to me was – “Weren’t you ever frightened in Sao Paulo?” Answer “No, but then I was a child at the time!”

I was fortunate to meet fellow Masters Air Pilot and Armourer & Brasier who regaled me with a history of the beautiful Armourers’ Hall; which had survived the bombing of the City in WW2, and the paintings in the Livery Hall.    Lunch provided me with the Honorary Chaplain as a dining companion and I had not expected to discuss such a wide variety of topics over lunch!  

This lunch proved to me what a fascinating time you can have as a Livery Master.

Inaugurating the Treasures Committee

It has always struck the Clerk strange that there was a Wine Committee within the Tylers & Bricklayers, but no Committee to take care of the Treasures owned by the Company, particularly as the value of the treasures far exceed that the of wine held on bond!

The first meeting was held at the home of Past Master Roger Westbrook and reviewed the Terms of Reference and set up policies for the management of the Company’s treasures.

Meetings, Common Hall and Dinner

As with most organisations the vast majority of work and decision making involving the Company is carried out at Committee level. 

The Communications Committee have a diverse role dealing with membership matters, Company 

Events, press and publicity, and GDPR.  Membership of the Tylers and Bricklayers is strong but there is always room for growth, and equally important is that we must retain membership.

The Finance Committee reviewed the Annual Accounts and financial reports for the current Livery year. The Company is in sound health thanks to the efforts of our Learned Clerk.

After the Committee Meetings it was time for Common Hall, which gives Liverymen the opportunity to review the finances of the Company, to learn about its charitable activities and to discuss matters of common interest.  In this digital age and GDPR controlling data there was a very interesting discussions on whether we should continue with our “white book” (membership directory).

After the meeting concluded it was time for the Livery Dinner, the only event of the year limited to Liverymen, and a random seating plan which gave opportunities for all to dine with other members they may not necessarily know.  

Tylers and Bricklayers thoroughly enjoy dining at Cutlers Hall, and a “winter” style menu had been put together for the evening, along with some fine wines.  

Often it is the small touches that matter, the Staff at Cutlers Hall had put out some bricks and trowel for the occasion, whilst it may not sound terribly interesting, the Master was touched to see the effort that had been made.