Celebrating the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Chartered Architects

2019 is the thirtieth anniversary of the Grant of Livery status to the Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects and the Master and Consort were invited to join Master Architect, other Masters and members of the Company to celebrate this achievement at a Livery Banquet at the beautiful Drapers Hall.

As part of the celebrations the Company had published “The Livery Halls of the City of London” in late 2018, and it had arrived for me under the Christmas Tree.  It’s a coffee table sized book with the history and photographs of the extant Livery Halls in the City.

At last night’s dinner 30 people were nominated for their special contributions to the Architects Company, and 30 who were exemplars in the practice of architecture.  Also recognised were the Founding Fathers of the Company, the Master’s Rolls of Honour for contributions to the company, and outstanding contributions to architecture.

After a delicious meal, the guest speech was given by Tony Wheeler AO. Co-founder of the Lonely Planet Guide Book company.

Planning Ahead!

One of the highlights of the year is our Craft Awards, which makes for a great deal of work for the Clerk, the Chairman of the Craft Committee and the Master.  Not only are there speeches to be written but prizes and certificates to sign and put together, and ensuring the winners and principal guests are fully briefed ahead of the Lunch. 

Whilst this week may not have too many engagements for the Master it does provide time to plan ahead for the coming months, particularly the events that the Master must arrange.

This includes a Master’s Visit to Hampshire, the Partner’s Visit to Charterhouse and the Charter Day Visit to Hampton Court Palace, and a presentation to the Guild of Bricklayers.