Inter-Livery Cooperation?

A number of Livery Companies who represent sectors of UK PLC cooperate on projects of common interest and the construction livery companies are no exception.

Today’s meeting of the Construction Livery Group was chaired by PM Constructor Tony Ward and hosted by the Paviours Company and was arranged to consider new initiatives for the Group and a brain storming session. As well as attendees from Livery Companies we were joined by Tom Glover from the Construction Youth Trust.

CLG has been actively engaged in a Master Craftsmen Scheme for a number of years. This awards Master Craftsmen in various trades with certificates at an annual event in March. There is little publicity about the Event and it was agreed that how to market the event to the Livery Movement and Outslde world should be considered.

Tom Glover talked about the work of the CYT and all agreed that it was a good channel for providing volunteers to help promote construction in schools in the greater London area, ensuring that the Livery Schools Link were also involved.

It will be interesting to watch the changes within the CLG under the chairmanship of Tony Ward.

Meeting up with a forthcoming guest speaker

After the CLG it was a short walk to the offices of Build UK, the lead body for the construction industry to meet Suzie Nichol the CEO and guest speaker at the last Dinner of my year as Master.

I had the pleasure of working with Suzie for a number of years and I was delighted when she accepted my invitation to speak.

If you wish to know what Suzie will talk about you will have to book your tickets for the dinner!

City of London Freeman’s School Speech Day

Thanks to a very generous donation from Noreen Dickins the Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers are able to give a goodly sum to each of the City Schools for prizes each year.

On a sunny day I drove over to Ashtead to join other prize giving Masters for Speech Day. As I arrived a little early I was able to take a look at the Interhouse Cooking Competition (Master Chef eat your heart out) and an amusing dramatic Italianesque comedy piece in the Italian Garden. I just wish I had had those opportunities when I was at School!

Then, it was off to the School Hall to see the following win Tylers and Bricklayers Prizes:

Amy Stainbank
Isabel Webb
Jakob Wilton
Abigail Dopson
James Freeman
Sarah Matthews
Francesca Flynn
Ffion Haffenden
Natalya Robinson

Congratulations to all!