And so it came to pass that on the 11th day before Christmas that many members of the ancient and revered Company of Tylers and Bricklayers came from far and wide to attend their place of worship; the Church of St Margaret Lothbury in the great City of London.
A service was held; known as the annual Carol Service; enriched by the wonderful singing of the Lothbury Singers. A lesson in Lesson reading was delivered by the Father of the Company, Past Master Peter Fuller. The Address was delivered by a Holy Man known as the Company Chaplain: the Reverend John Cook and the message was plain for all to see.
After the conclusion of the service the Company members; tired but uplifted from the singing of Carols with much gusto; made their usual pilgrimage towards the City University Club; this took them along the well-worn path from Lothbury to Bartholomew Lane, circumnavigating the Old Lady of the City; and across Threadneedle Street past the Royal Exchange and on into Cornhill.
Once there our weary group were greeted with reinvigorating cups of wine; and as cups were replenished the spirits rose and much convivial chatter ensued. Soon wine was accompanied by many tasty bites and the friendly and very welcoming atmosphere became tangible.
Amongst the guests was the candidate for the high post of Non Aldermanic Sheriff for said City: Liz Green with her husband Peter; and never too far away, her Chairman and campaign leader, our own Dr Christine Rigden.
The Master, Mr Jeff Fuller gave thanks to all for attending and passed on his and his Mistress, Catherine’s best wishes for a Merry Christmas; after which Cloaks were gathered and our refreshed and joyful Tylers and Bricklayers made for their long journeys home.
Barry Blumsom