At our Court meeting on 8 June held at Apothecaries’ Hall, Black Friars, we were delighted to elect two new Freemen, David Hackett and Dean Degun. They are most welcome and are shown here wearing their personal medals on yellow Freemens’ ribbons.


At the same meeting, Christian Brash was clothed in the Livery and became our Junior Liveryman. His yellow ribbon was changed for the blue of a Liveryman. It almost didn’t happen, as Christian was stuck in a stationary train near Grantham just two hours beforehand! Many congratulations to all three.


After the meeting, we held our Masters and Clerks luncheon in the hall. The reception was held in the courtyard in blazing sunshine. Champagne flowed and we entertained 75 members and guests, including our principal guest the Very Reverend Andrew Tremlett, Dean of St Paul’s. Other guests included Alderwoman Susan Pearson and Masters and Clerks from the Paviors, Apothecaries, Builders Merchants, Constructors and Chartered Architects.


I was the one wearing a fur coat during a heat wave, amongst others more comfortably dressed, here with Master Constructor David Sheehan, the Dean, Master Pavior John May and Master Apothecary Dr Jonathan Holliday.


We were particularly delighted to welcome Alderwoman Susan Pearson, seen here with the Clerk, the Mistress and Mr John May, Master Pavior. Susan practiced as an architect for 40 years and joined the Court of Common Council in 2017. She was appointed to the Court of Aldermen on 18th October 2022, and is our Company’s official link with the Livery Committee.


Luncheon was taken in the Livery Hall, under the watchful gaze of King Charles I, King James I, Queen Elizabeth II and the Apothecaries’ founder Gideon De Laune.


Our guest speaker, the Very Rev Andrew Tremlett gave a fascinating insight into the history of St Paul’s Cathedral and the importance of Tylers and Bricklayers in its construction. He also praised our fundraising efforts supporting presentees at Christ’s Hospital, an institution he knows from personal experience.

All in all, a wonderful luncheon is a most spectacular setting!