The Master, Mistress, Liveryman Diana Malzer and I had the good fortune to attend the installation of the new Lord Mayor, known as the Silent Ceremony, held in Guildhall.

2022 Blog LordMayor 01

The Lord Mayor Elect is admitted as Lord Mayor on the Friday preceding the second Saturday in November, according to the City of London (various powers) Act, 1959.

2022 Blog LordMayor 02

As we entered Guildhall, the Master was cleared through security - thankfully his badge of office did not cause any bleeping!

2022 Blog LordMayor 03

We also spotted our King on our way to the main hall.

The Silent Ceremony took approximately 25 minutes. In summary there were many dignitaries processing, perambulating and bowing with maces and a ceremonial sword. Everything was undertaken, as you would expect, with much precision, pomp and ceremony. Apart from the Lord Mayor elect’s declaration, the whole ceremony was carried out in total silence.

2022 Blog LordMayor 04

Following the ceremony, the new Lord Mayor (centre) can speak again. He will be doing plenty of this over the next twelve months.


Liveryman and Silver Steward, Martin Reading