The Poulters’ Company have organised pancake racing in Guildhall Yard for twenty years, and the 19 th Inter-Livery Pancake Races were held this year on 21 February. There are a series of heats, and runners from different classes, including Masters, Liverymen and Fancy Dress. All in all it makes for good entertainment for the spectators and raises valuable funds for charity.

2023 Pancake Races1

A dozen loud and supportive Ts and Bs watched as our Master opened proceedings by competing in the first race of the day. This had the drawback of being started by the official cannon, which was very loud in the enclosed courtyard and caused numerous spectators and competitors to jump. Nonetheless the Master got a good start and was leading the race until a gust of wind took his chef’s hat off. Wearing the hat is a qualification for finishing so he had to go back and retrieve it, turning first place into third.

2023 Pancake Races2

The T&B team celebrated the revival of pancake racing, which we have not done for a few years, by joining the lunch in the Guildhall Crypt and sampling some edible pancakes downstairs.

Liveryman Michael Ash kindly supported the event by devising a sponsorship scheme - T&B spectators were given marks for carrying handbags, wearing feathers in their hats and carrying umbrellas, and the total sponsorship money raised was £250. This has gone to a Company charity.

2023 Pancake Races3