A roaring fire and a glass of champagne in a lovely ‘old fashioned’ bowl-shaped glass was a stylish way to start the Court and Livery Dinner at Cutlers’ Hall on 1st February. The novelty of drawing a number to find your seat, thus sitting with members you might not know, was a great way to promote fellowship and conversation.

At the end of a delicious dinner with the best piece of roast beef I have tasted in a while, the Court was introduced to David and Shirley Hasler the wonderful caterers who were retiring to the Philippines after 20 years cooking for the Cutlers and their guests. The Tylers and Bricklayers bade them farewell with a bottle and flowers. Also receiving bottles were the worthy winners of the Photograph Competition Lesley Day, Ian Harmond and Frank Clarke,


Past Master Philip Parris, Chairman of the Wine Committee, gave a fascinating explanation of the process and the financial and enjoyment benefits of buying wine, particularly in a good year and laying them down for a suitable period of time. He remembered buying both red wines consumed during the main course; the Château Potensac 2009 was bought in an exceptional year, but a show of hands confirmed that the Château Angludet 2013, bought during a difficult year for wine, had much improved and deemed to be the winner.

The Toast to the Company was made by Liveryman Dr. Roy Palmer and a stirrup cup served to complete a great evening of feasting.

Debby Burman