This year the Craft Awards moved from Trinity House to the magnificent venue of Goldsmiths’ Hall in order to accommodate more members and guests. Positioned at the junction of Foster Lane and Gresham Street, the current building is the third Goldsmiths’ Hall, completed in 1835 and constructed on a site which has been home to the Goldsmiths’ Company since 1339. The awards luncheon was preceded as is customary by a meeting of the Court, where reports and papers were discussed and decisions made. As part of the proceedings three new Freemen were admitted to the Company: Peter Anthony Owen Higson, Robin Mathew Nowell and Paul James Gregory. Following this three new Liverymen all Free of the City of London were also clothed: Deborah Bronwen Burman, David Alan Hulin and Simon Dixon.




Having collected their menu and seating plan while in the very stylish Entrance Hall of this most splendid building, often described as a mini-palace in the heart of the City, members and guests made their way up the staircase to a splended Champagne reception awaited them, together with a very friendly welcome from the Master, Chris Causer the Upper Warden, Jenny Rolls and Renter Warden, Alan Dodd.

Master, Chris Causer the Upper Warden, Jenny Rolls and Renter Warden, Alan Dodd.

At 1pm the call was made for the assembled guests to go through to the banqueting hall and take places at the tables, ready to receive the procession of the Master, Wardens, and honoured guests.

When welcoming members of the Company, their guests and prize winners to the 2024 Craft Awards, the Master commented that it was very gratifying to see that so many had taken the opportunity to meet in person once again at a Tylers and Bricklayers’ event. With approaching 170 attendees, the annual Craft Awards and Luncheon, held on Thursday 19th March 2024 was the largest gathering for years. The annual Craft Awards are regarded by many members as one of the most significant events in the Tylers and Bricklayers’ Livery Company calendar. It is the event that is a showcase for young craftsmen and women beginning their careers; those who teach, train and mentor them and those who, in the opinion of their peers, should be recognised as Master Craftsman, for having demonstrated the very highest standards in their craft. 

The Company can trace its history from as early as 1416 and at that time and during the subsequent 250 years, it exercised almost total control over the three crafts within the London area. Liverymen were responsible for training the future generation of craftsmen through an apprenticeship system and it presided over disputes within the trades, monitored levels of craftsmanship and enjoyed draconian powers over members of the Livery who fell short of the required standard. It was, simultaneously, a cartel, an employers’ confederation, a trade union, a trading standards authority and, through the fraternity which existed between its members, a source of welfare and support to those who fell on hard times and to their families. Over the succeeding centuries the Company’s powers diminished with a substantial loss of influence following the relaxation of the craft monopolies which had to be sanctioned following the Great Fire of London in 1666. A significant part of the Company’s role today is in the fostering of the crafts it represents within the construction industry through the giving of awards and prizes. In this way the Company seeks to encourage the development of these crafts and the training of aspiring craftsmen and craftswomen, giving recognition to individuals at the outset of their careers and ultimately conferring Master Craftsman status on those who can demonstrate the very highest standard of craftsmanship over a range of work.

The sumptuously decorated banqueting hall, with its Corinthian columns of scagliola and richly decorated, moulded ceiling boasts four fabulous matching chandeliers of English glass supplied by Perry & Co.  The venue not only provided the perfect backdrop to this very special event in our company’s calendar but also the perfect setting to recognise the achievements of all the worthy winners. The procession to the head of the table was met with the customary enthusiastic clap from all attending. Grace was given and with the Master warmly welcoming everyone in attendance, luncheon began.

The starter of Charred Cornish Mackerel with burnt baby leeks, caramelised roscoff onions, confit tomato sauce with crispy capers and tarragon was served accompanied by Zapallares Reserve Chardonnay from Chile 2020.

The main course of Breast of Creedy Carver Duck, roasted cauliflower puree, spiced carrot puree, wild mushrooms, flava beans and jus followed accompanied by Armigero Sangiovese di Romagna Riserva Red wine.

Desert comprised of Chocolate Honey Cremeaux, honey tuile, roasted chocolate and clotted cream ice cream. All accompanied by Grahams LBV port.

Toasts were made, with Debby Burman giving the customary toast to the Company as a newly clothed Liveryman. 

The Master, having proposed the Loyal Toast with all present responding, then proposed a toast to welcome our guests, and offered Company’s gratitude to all those who assisted with the arrangements, assessment, and presentation of the 2024 Craft Awards and in particular to the Craft Committee Chairman, Court Assistant, Ian Wilson. He welcomed our Principal Guest Lieutenant General Sir Mark Mans KCB CBE DL who gave an excellent speech. Sir Mark, who has been a liveryman of this company since 2018, covered a condensed history of the Royal Engineers, their major achievements, and concluded with a call for more young men and women to consider careers in the regiment.


Lieutenant General Sir Mark Mans KCB CBE DL

Court Assistant and Chairman of the Craft Committee, Ian Wilson, invited the Master and Principal Guest, Lieutenant General Sir Mark Mans KCB CBE DL to present the Company’s 2023 Craft Awards. He then announced the awards and winners, with an amusing element of adlibbing in his introductions, which caused spontaneous laughter amongst the audience. As each winner walked to the stage they were rightfully applauded, to be greeted by The Master and to have the awards and certificates handed to them By Sir Mark Mans. 

Screenshot_2024-03-28_at_11.42.23 am.png
Court Assistant Ian Wilson


Ian Wilson made the point that we continue to support Skill Build and other competitions currently taking place. These events, many of which precede our own awards, provide us with the Craft Award Winners in our 3 trade categories and we recognise the skills of these young crafts people here today. Additionally, the Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers has a long serving bond with the Corps of Royal Engineers and make annual awards to outstanding Class 1 and Class 2 construction trainees from the Royal School of Military Engineering in Chatham.

We present two further awards annually, known as The Cadet Force Awards, to the best London based Army Cadet and Adult Volunteer Instructor. From time to time, and as the strict criteria are met, we occassionally confer the status of Master Craftsman on individuals from our 3 different crafts. The Awards to be presented today were:

  • The Stokes Royal Engineers Awards - for Bricklaying.
  • The Cadet Force Award - made to the Best Cadet and Best Adult Volunteer Instructor in 2023.
  • Cadet Force Awards, Best Adult Volunteer 2023.
  • The E & R Fuller Award for Bricklaying 2023
  • The Mason-Elliott Award for Roofing and Slate Tiling 2023
  • The Montgomery Award for Floor Tiling 2023

 The winners were:

The Stokes Royal Engineers Award Class 1 Winner 2023 – Lance Corporal Nicholas Carr. LCpl Carr is 35 years old and was brought up in Salford, Manchester. Prior to joining the Army, he worked in many roles including a stint in the bricklaying industry. LCpl Carr enlisted into the Army in the Royal Military Police before transferring to the Royal Engineers. LCpl Carr completed his ME B&C Class 2 course at 1 RSME Regiment, 16 weeks before the course completion date and completed his Advance Combat Engineering course and was successfully selected for the rank of LCpl in 2020. He was posted to 5 Armed Engr Sqn on his final assessment. LCpl Carr also excelled during leadership roles in both scaffolding and concreting. LCpl Carr has a very bright career ahead of him in the Corps of Royal Engineers. He became an excellent role model while on course to the Class 2 students as a tradesperson and soldier. He will be an asset to any unit and is more than deserving of this award.

Lance Corporal Nicholas Carr

The Stokes Royal Engineers Award Class 2 Winner 2023 – Sapper Tyrone Harris. Sapper Harris is 22 years old and he hails from Bristol, joined the Army after completing the Uniformed Public Services course at college. He enlisted into the British Army in 2021 and completed his Basic Combat Engineer Training at 3 RSME Regiment in 2022. Following this training he was selected to become a Bricklayer and Concreter by trade. Spr Harris successfully completed his ME B&C Class 2 Course from 1 RSME Regiment on 3 Nov 23. Throughout the course, he took a very proactive approach to his training. Having no prior experience, Spr Harris’ ability to learn the skills of a bricklayer were highly impressive. In the latter part of the course his positive attitude and drive to learn saw his bricklaying abilities start to exceed the standard required due to his hand skills, finesse, and attention to detail resulted in him surpassing his peers. Spr Harris earned the respect of his instructors and peers as a soldier who was a team player and often put others before himself. Spr Harris is an exemplary soldier and tradesperson and has a bright career ahead of him.

Sapper Tyrone Harris

Best Cadet Winner 2023 – Cadet Corporal Max Manson. Cpl Manson has over the last year shown his worth to the unit, He has taken on the role of a senior cadet in the unit and has grown in confidence in this role, taking on all the challenges and opportunities that have been given to him. Cpl Manson has been an active role model and has taken on the mentoring the younger NCO’s and assists with the1 star training, He takes his instructing role very seriously and excelled on his JCIC with a very good grade and recommendations. Cpl Manson is a valued and well-respected member of the unit by both cadets and staff alike, This Award would be well received at the unit and is a fitting recognition for his professionalism and hard work. Cpl Manson Is a very focused and determined young man. He is well liked and respected not only in the detachment but also within the company. He is a very practical cadet who has entrepreneurial tendencies which he wants to develop. Cpl Manson has a bright future ahead of him. This was demonstrated by his display today of his practice firearms. Being disappointed with the quality of the equipment that had been provided by the Ministry of Defence, he believed he could do better made his own superior training aid. We understand that he is producing replicas to assist training in other detachments.

Cadet Corporal Max Manson

Best Adult Volunteer Winner 2023 – Potential Instructor Sue Strange. Potential Instructor (PI) Sue Strange joined Greater London South- East Sector in February 2018 as a Non- Uniformed Volunteer (NUV). Since joining she has shown her commitment to the Army Cadet Force (ACF), and specifically 92 Detachment, by parading twice a week, without fail. PI Strange is an integral part of the detachment; her flexibility and enthusiasm are evident from the positive feedback received from the cadets and potential cadets she welcomes to the unit, when they express an interest to join the ACF. Her ability to manage the accounts, weekly administration, NAAFI and company camp documentation is of a high standard. After 5 years, as an NUV, PI Sue Strange decided to apply to become a uniformed Cadet Force Adult V, she is now instructing cadets at a basic level. A move that has been the making of her in terms of developing her confidence and personal skill set. This is borne out by PI Strange taking on the role of CVC BTEC Assistant Officer for 9 Company. She has also passed the adult First Aid at Work (FAW) course and assists with the 1* FAW training within the company. PI Sue Strange has remained positive and motivated, despite experiencing tough times and overcome personal adversity and challenges.

PI Sue Strange

The Company also recognises the SkillBuild UK competition winners with the following awards:

The E & R Fuller Award for Bricklaying 2023 Winner – Joseph Shingler. This year’s E & R Fuller Award for Bricklaying is presented to Joseph Shingler. His tutor Steven Wainwright from Shrewsbury College wrote; “Joe commenced his brickwork level 2 standard apprenticeship course in September 2021 having already completed a 12-month traineeship in the workplace with his employer, which evolved spending 3 months in each trade area. At this point Joe decided that brickwork was his preferred trade area to go into and Joe enrolled onto his apprenticeship course, which was a 30-month programme. To achieve this qualification Joe needed to produce a portfolio of evidence from the workplace, pass his online exam, as well as passing a professional discussion based on his portfolio with an external assessor from the assessment centre, he then also had to pass a two-day practical end point assessment. Joe achieved an overall Distinction grade across all elements of his course, which he completed in two years, which was six months early. Joe’s work ethic whilst on his course was fantastic, he was self-motivated, and he wanted to achieve the highest possible standard in everything he did. Joe was also interested in the wider aspect of the construction industry and the whole building process. In my 27 years of teaching to bricklaying apprentices and full-time students I can say that Joe is the most talented bricklayer I’ve ever had the privilege to teach. Even as a first year I could see that he had a natural talent for the job. Joe showed exceptional brickwork skills in his first year and I believed he would be a prime candidate to enter for the SkillBuild competition in his second year. Joe always conducted himself in a professional way throughout the competition and his time at the college, he was respectful towards the other competitors and judges, he was a credit to his employer, myself, and the college in the way he conducted himself”. Since finishing his bricklaying apprenticeship course Joe has now enrolled on the HNC course at the college which will further develop his skills and knowledge of the construction industry.

Joe Shingler

The Mason-Elliott Award for Roof Slating and Tiling 2023 Winner – Jacob Blight. This year’s Mason-Elliott Award for Roof Slating and Tiling is presented to Jacob Blight. His tutor Steve Dowell from South Devon College wrote; “Jacob Blight is a Roofing Apprentice who worked for Kevin Mason Roofing based in the South Hams area of Torbay and Devon. Kevin the employer was always an excellent Employer for Jacob, always supporting him in his role as Apprentice and ensuring that he understood the works required, Kevin always made sure that the appropriate PPE was always worn and Jacob was always working in a safe environment being supervised by Kevin himself, passing on his excellent knowledge and time served skills to Jacob. Kevin as an Employer is an outstanding tradesman within the Roofing Industry and has taught Jacob all roofing aspects to an extremely high standard and level. After the first year of Jacobs Roofing Apprenticeship, he had the opportunity of moving to Stormforce Roofing based in Plymouth to further develop his good roofing skills, he also had the benefit of being taught and developing his lead burning skills as well as challenging roofing projects which developed his skill set tremendously. Jacob as an Apprentice here at South Devon College always had the attributes and skills on becoming an excellent roofer and was always keen to achieve his qualification in a timely and efficient manner. Jacob liked being challenged at various levels within Roofing and was always supporting his fellow colleagues here at college, he has the amazing ability to turn any job specification into some outstanding roofing works on a job either in work and or in college. Jacob became an entrance for the Skill Build competition in 2022 and won the silver award, he then felt he would like to be re-entered into the 2023 Skill Build competition and knew what he had to do and felt he was more than ready to take the risk as he wanted to set his heights higher, Jacob always likes a challenge and thrives in this situation and because of his hard work and determination he achieved the Gold for Skills Build. I have no hesitation in stating that Jacob will become an outstanding roofer within our Industry and will seek to take other apprentices on this Roofing journey”.

We had the pleasure also in presenting Jacob with a copy of The Pattern of Traditional Roofing, this is donated by Liveryman Gerald Emerton, who unfortunately could not be present today.


Jacob Blight

The Montgomery Award for Wall and Floor Tiling 2023 Winner - Patryk Niedoba. Patryk’s tutor Peter Farrelly from Southern Regional College wrote; “Patryk Niedoba is a wall and floor tiling student from the Southern Regional College in Northern Ireland. He was born on 5th July 1999 in Poland, later moving to Belfast at the age of six with his mother, stepfather and sister. He attended school at Avoniel Primary School and then moved on to Ashfield Boys’ High School. Upon leaving High School, Patryk worked at Belfast City Airport before realizing that he wanted to pursue a career in Construction. Patryk’s mother highlighted a Facebook post in which a company called Serious Tiling were looking for a wall and floor tiling apprentice. This is where his desire to pursue a tiling career began. Patryk has faced challenges along the way. One of the biggest he feels was at the age of 19 discovering he was going to be a father whilst starting a new career and buying a house all at the same time. It is safe to say, however, he has successfully embraced all of these. In September 2021 Patryk enrolled in the Southern Regional College and in June 2023 completed his NVQ Level 2 in Wall & Floor Tiling. He has since progressed magnificently and is currently working on his Level 3 Qualification. During his time in the College, Patryk has competed in the Regional and Northern Ireland SkillBuild Finals. He was placed in both competitions and therefore progressed to the UK finals where he achieved gold! This outcome clearly demonstrates Patryk’s exemplary skill set in his chosen trade area. He has great ability but also shows adaptability, creativity and efficiency in problem solving. He works well under pressure and manages his time effectively. He is committed and determined to succeed. He has been supported by family, college and his employer along the way”.


Patryk Niedoba

Each prize winner was applauded by members and guests as they received their award, a framed certificate, medal, and prize while being photographed. A copy of the day's Brochure can be seen HERE

With the formalities complete and with many individuals thanking the staff at Goldsmith's Hall for their hospitality, the Craft Awards 2024 came to an end.

Adrian Blundell & Keith Aldis - Court Assistants