The development of the Glossary will proceed from a personal practical experience of the craft.

With this as the starting point there may be omissions as individual experience is limited and, in addition, it is in the nature of a traditional hand-craft that there can be variations in the interpretation of the terms arising from different localities or points in time.

To reduce the number of omissions we welcome the submission of additional terms, updates to existing terms, and any questions you may have all of which can be done by contacting the Glossary Editor.

The Glossary, for ease of reference, will be compiled in two ways, in generic groups and a full alphabetic listing:

The generic groups are listed below, with links to the groups have already started compilation.

  1. Processes or Activities:
  2. Construction:
  3. Alphabetically: All terms set out in alphabetical order.
  4. Full text search: Search for key words