The skill of the craftsman is to bond the wall in accordance with the designer's specification and maintain it throughout the building. Bonding is the arranging of bricks so by lapping over one another, both longitudinally and transversally, all loads are evenly distributed over the foundations. There are many traditional bonds that may be chosen for strength; decorative appearance, or economic reasons; with all bonds it is essential to apply the rules of bonding to ensure correct construction. Walls are described by thickness and Bond; thickness is stated in multiples of half brick, e.g. 0.5B; 1B; 1.5B etc. Bonds are placed in one of two groups related to the length of 1B. Half B walls are laid to half bond while 1B walls, and thicker, are laid to a quarter bond. Main examples are given in this section: English; English Garden Wall; Flemish; Flemish Garden Wall; Header, and Stretcher. Further examples are given in Decorative Work.