To become a Freeman of the Company an application needs to be made on a form which can be obtained from the Clerk. Those applying need to be proposed and seconded by Liverymen of the Company. If you have a strong connection with any of the bricklaying or tiling trades, or with the City of London, but do not know any present Liverymen of the Company, please apply to the Clerk who will put you in touch with a Liveryman of a similar background to yourself. There is an entry fee or 'fine' payable on election to the Company which is currently set at £250 and is payable on the date of election.

Admission Procedure

Applicants are invited to attend an informal meeting/interview with Officers of the Company whose recommendation will be put to the next meeting of the Court to whom the candidate's details will have been circulated. If accepted by the Court (the governing body of the Company) the applicant will be advised of his or her election to the Freedom of the Company and invited to swear the oath before the Court. A Certificate of Freedom of the Company will be provided along with written details concerning the payment of Quarterage (the annual subscription) which is currently set at £435  for Liverymen, and at £160  for Young Liverymen under the age of 40 at 1st October 2022. Freemen pay the Freemen's quarterage rate of £300  for their first year only and thereafter pay the same rate as Liverymen, irrespective of whether they have moved to the Livery by that time.

Charitable Trust

On joining the Company, Freemen are expected to make regular contributions to the Charitable Trust Fund. This allows the Company to support the development of the associated crafts and other charitable works. The custom of the City requires each Livery Company to maintain and develop a charitable trust fund. The support of education, the Company's Triennial Awards for Tiling and Bricklaying, other craft awards and the achievement of technical excellence are seen as being paramount among the cardinal purposes of this Company.

Freedom of the City of London

For those who are not Freemen of the City, application for an appointment can be made to the Chamberlain's Court at Guildhall - click here for further details. To this appointment the applicant will need to take a Certificate of Freedom of the Company (supplied on admission as a Freeman), a full birth certificate and the 'Freedom Fee'. This process, will allow the applicant to become a Freeman of the City through the intervention of the Company and will take about 6 weeks while the approval of the Court of Aldermen is formally sought. Once this is approved the Clerk to the Chamberlain's Court will contact the applicant to arrange an appointment for the actual admission to the Freedom of the City. Proposers and Seconders, and friends and relations can attend this short but impressive ceremony at which the Freeman is presented with a Certificate to mark the occasion. Once 'Free of the City of London', a Freeman may apply for election as a Liveryman of the Company.

Liverymen of the Company

Shortly after a Freeman has obtained the Freedom of the City, the Clerk to the Company will contact the Freeman to arrange for their election and affirmation as a new Liveryman at a meeting of the Court. Taking this step will allow the member to play a full part in the activities of the Company and, eventually, to take office in the Company. If the process is completed by 31 May, the new Liveryman can vote in the elections of the Lord Mayor and the Sheriffs of the City in the following year.

Taking Part

Periodic Newsletters give information on events and Calling Notices give details and reply slips. Members are encouraged to attend events, to support the Master and Wardens and to play their part in the life of both Company and the City.

For further details please contact the Clerk.

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